Self Storage Industry Technology

Innovation has been changing the world throughout the last a few decades and Self Storage businesses are no strangers to present day technology. The storage unit leasing days of calling around to a few Self Storage Facilities and attempting to get a hold of an owner/operator or manager, then meeting that individual at the office, and marking an agreement are rapidly becoming old history. Right away with the Internet, smart cell phones, and electronic bill pay, leasing a Storage unit has become easier and much much more helpful. In some cases Change is hard particularly for the older people. However now and then we have to venture out of our safe place and LEARN how new innovative features work so we can join the 21st Century and make our own lives a little less demanding. 

Here are a couple of things that innovation has finished in the Storage unit industry to make your life simpler in the matter of leasing a unit. 

1. The Internet and Finding a Storage Facility: The web has been around for a while now, however 20 years back and even 10 years back, most people might lean toward discovering a business in a telephone directory instead of looking on the web. Let"s review what that process entailed. To begin with you would open the telephone directory and begin calling. Possibly there is 10 separate postings for Storage Units, out of those 10 perhaps 6 might answer there telephone, Out of those 6, perhaps 4 of them might have a good area to where you wouldn"t mind storing your possessions, Out of those 4, 2 of them might need to charge an exorbitant price, and the other 2 were probably facilities that would work for you. To go through said process, how long do you think it would take to find those two storage facilities? I might say in any event a hour, maybe even 2 with follow up calls.

In the present day you can rapidly access the Internet and see self storage facilities. You can see a google map of the areas of the different locations. There"s no reason to call around in light of the fact that you can see the costs right on the respective sites.. How advantageous! Another huge advantage is the fact that you can rent a storage unit right on the website. Right away we know not all self storage businesses have this innovation yet, however some do. Heaven"s Gates Mini Storage is one of them. Something else that the internet makes conceivable is an online self storage lease agreement. This makes it so you don"t need to physically sign a lease agreement, you can electronically sign one when you lease a unit. When you"ve leased the unit, you will be sent an entryway code and your on your path while never planning a time to meat a manager and experience the 10 min procedure of physically consenting to an arrangement and leasing a unit. 

2. Virtual Merchant Accounts: This innovation is the feature that makes it workable for you to have the capacity to make an online payment for your storage unit. No more paper bills that stack up on your counter, because you could be set up on repeating charging. No additional stressing over being late on your rent, or filling out a check to mail, or planing an outing to drop it off at the office. In any case you might like to be told that your rent is coming out. Well now we have the technology to send quick text messages out telling you your charges. We can send Email messages telling you what your invoice is, and we can convey programmed receipts that let you realize that you"ve paid your bill. Amazing! truly beneficial! 

3. Internet Software: Lastly in view of the new web programming projects out there that help oversee of Storage Facilities. You can have your own login to your online record. Here you can Rent an unit, make an installment, and set your self up on repeating charging. No reason to continue attempting to call a manager, you can do it without anyone"s help. 

Innovation beyond any doubt has changed the way business is led! Help yourself out and if your not acquainted with a couple of these technology features, get acquainted with them so you can both spare yourself valuable time, cash, and migraines. Here at Heaven"s Gates Mini Storage we have attempted to make things simple and helpful for the client!